Witches Three
Left to Right (Roxana, Barbara, Rosaleen)
Left to Right (Roxana, Barbara, Rosaleen)
Witches Three
Personal Data
Real Name: Roxana, Barbara, Rosaleen
Known Aliases: Three Crazy Chicks, The Cute Ones at the End of the Bar
Age: 22
Height: 6"5"
Weight: Don't ask
Hair Colour: Dark Reddish-Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Biographical Data
Nationality: British / American
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Known Relatives: Only eachother
Known Powers


The curious three sisters who frequent the Goetia Bar every single night. Each of the three belongs to a different mage order (One White, One Red, One Black) but to make things more unusual, they all seem to share something akin to hivemind.


The quiet one of the bunch, she's often sitting in the corner with a book of some variety. She holds the position of White Mage within the sisterhood, using her combination of Abjuration and Divination to act as the protective big sister to the other two. Of the three, she's the most grounded and often the nicest and most pure of heart, often trying to do what's right and just acting nice to people because it feels good to be nice.


The friendly one of the bunch, she's the one waiting at the bar with a drink in her hand, greeting all visitors with a smile. She holds the position of the Red Mage, using a gifted mix of Illusions, Conjuration and Alteration to make the world more 'fun' and 'interesting'. Of the three, she's possibly the most normal and certainly the most outgoing in a non-psychotic way and she's certainly the friendliest of them. Of them, she often appears to act as the center point, keeping Barbara out of her self-isolation and keeping Rosaleen from blowing up everything in sight.


The rebellious one of the bunch, she's the one you'll see carving things into the tables with a switchblade or playing with a lighter. She holds the position of the Black mage within the sisterhood, using an insidious mix of Necromancy and Evocation to raise hell, often needing the other two to rein her in. Of the three, she's certainly the most chaotic, running around the city, often burning down buildings and making Zombies dance around the graveyard; if anyone is most likely to end up arrested, it's her.

Powers & Abilities


- Occasionally it has been noted that the sisters seem to forget which one they are. On at least two recorded situations, they have appeared to swap colours and personality traits for a short time before returning to their original positions. When questioned on this, they have no recollection of the change but all seem to what the one with their colour did.

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