The World Of The Academy

Our World

Our World is far more vast then most people realize. Of course by now, with your inclusion to the Academy, you are finally beginning to understand just how broad reality is. Magic is real and many people have Talent, creatures from fairy-tales live down the hall, and dark primaeval forces dwell in the shadows. You might even begin to understand that many of this has been hidden from the world for a very, very long time.

And that is where it gets complicated.


The preternatural world has already organized itself, unseen by most of mortal man. Wielders of powers for great good, bringers of light, and most especially the all-devouring dark and those demons that lie in wait - all of these groups band together for protection, propagation, and culture. Of course, when you find yourself dealing in creatures of myth and legend, one has to consider how these creatures have impacted the world during history, and how long such things have been occurring.

And just how often these politics, rivalries, and even wars have bled over into the public scope, to become tales told for millennia to follow.

All things considered, they have each done their parts to remain out of the spotlight. Most do not even seek out to draw attention to themselves and live private lives among their own people, reveling in the wonders their abilities bring; but some live among mortals, and these live as mortals do, forsaking their abilities for the chance at something… different, perhaps. With mortals none the wiser, engagements and even bloodshed are not enough for them to break this masquerade, but one has to wonder as well what keeps it from spilling over into the public purview?

In a way, I suppose part of the blame falls on humanity. While many factions war covertly, keeping each others numbers in check, we are all just too content in our short lives to look the other way. People disappear without a trace, phantom lights dance in the sky, unexplainable events occur every day and we just explain them away or ignore them. What does it matter if a boogeyman is on the loose, as long as it does not interfere with dinner plans? Aliens might very well be watching, but unless they have a YourLive channel on the internet, who cares what they see?

The important thing to remember is that every day, strange things happen, and now you will understand there is a reason they do. As far back as humanity can even remember, others remember further. Our time on this planet has been comparably short next to some, and we should consider ourselves lucky we have managed to dominate this planet so quickly. While they have kept their numbers low and their wars secret, we have flourished and fought and even evolved openly.

Then again, that might be part of Their plan, too.

Politics of a Past Age

The Factions in Play

The Primaevals





Preternatural Humans

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Dark Ages and Renaissance

Enlightenment and Revolution

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Current Tensions

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