The Beast Lies Within All of Us.
The Beast Lies Within All of Us.
Clan Info
Clan Name: Zoion
aka: Clan of Animal; Beasts, Dogs, Furries
Origin: Plagued
Founder: Orestes
Established: @900 A.D.
No. of Members: Unknown, probably around 200-300 worldwide.
Current Leader: This clan barely knows each other, let alone have leaders.
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Everywhere.
Minor Bloodlines: None, surprisingly.
Known Powers and Abilities
Dominion of Animals.



The Zoion Clan are bestial savages, generally preferring to stay out of sight of their prey. Penultimate hunters, they relish the Chase, and covet their prey almost like a sacred ritual. Of course, such hunts almost always end up with the same outcome…


Like any Plagued vampire, Zoion can pass for human with effort. However, due to their bestial natures, Zoion are unusually graceless, and tend to explode into violence over rather small social gaffes. They also suffer an unusual curse: their natures bring them closer to their Beasts, and each Zoion suffers a permanent change to their appearance each time they frenzy. These changes start cosmetic, like elongated bat-like ears or cat eyes, and grow worse with time, like wolf's paws or eagle talons instead of hands. Eventually, every Zoion elder becomes the beast he truly is within, and no Zoion are known to exist in a human form for more then a few centuries…

Powers & Abilities:

  • Blood Binding: Zoion vampires can bind animals to them, serving them like other bound creatures serve their masters. This bond escalates with more drinks as well, though animals can NEVER become vampires themselves through this process.
  • Blood Strength: The Animal Clan can burn blood like other vampires, using it to endow them with enhanced strength sufficient enough to lift and throw a mid-sized car. A side effect of this power comes with the chance to lose themselves in a Frenzy of rage, with all above side effects.
  • Call Beast: This Clan has an unusual rapport with beasts, and animals don't tend to shy away from them like they do other vampires, instead offering dominance challenges or submittal just as if the Zoion were a creature of that same species. Zoion can call upon most beasts, though many specialize in a particular type, and inherit their traits from that species.

A noteworthy side effect of this power is its use on other vampires, which Zoion can use to bring out the feral predator instincts of, possibly shaming their opponents if the rage is well timed. This is their 4th Power, Incite Rage, and is marginally effective on mortals as well.

  • Shapeshifting: Elder Zoion have truly bridged the gap between man and beast, and may assume an animal form. The base form is usually tied to that vampire as well, and he will always possess those attributes. Truly powerful Zoion have been rumored to be able to assume any animal form…


  • Beast Blood: While Zoion are one of the few Plagued that can survive off animal blood, this is a double-edged sword for them. They MUST hunt and kill one animal daily to retain their dominance over their own beasts. Failure to do so results in Frenzied rage, and usually the summary destruction of the 'mad' vampire.
  • Clan Secret: The Animal Clan worked with the Lahash to destroy the Hule Clan, and only the few secret survivors of Hule know this fact, though others have made the connection. Many of the vampires directly involved can be blackmailed with this information, which is moderately motivation, as the destruction of another vampire can be considered a crime… but should an actual Hule survivor point the finger at the Zoion for the destruction of their entire clan, they could claim rights of vengeance, which would turn ALL the other Plagued against the Zoion in the same way. As such, Zoion tend to 'jump' to squelch any rumors of Hule survivors…
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